Initiative Kicks Off!


Rabbi Drew speaking at the first “Jews, Brews, and Rabbi Drew”

The new Southern California Jewish Young Adult Enrichment (SoCalJYAE) initiative kicked off its programming with the first in a monthly series of text-based discussions.  Entitled “Jews, Brews, and Rabbi Drew”, the spring series explores the Jewish tradition on subjects related to relationships and sex for young adults in their 20s and 30s.  With events tentatively planned to take place in Orange County, Riverside, Long Beach, and the South Bay, the spring series has no admission fee, but participants are encourage to bring beer to share (in a “potluck beer” style).  Of the five monthly events, the series kicked off last night in Long Beach.

The topic under discussion was “Jewish Traditions on Finding One’s Mate” and provided a lot of fodder for discussion even beyond the texts.  “I was happily surprised to hear the discussion that sprang up around the texts we were exploring,” said Rabbi Drew Kaplan, SoCalJYAE’s rabbi and director.  “I did not expect these very contemporary considerations of dating and finding one’s mate to occur, but glad that they did.”


Participants enjoying the discussion and the beer

Beginning with Talmudic texts describing days that were roughly analogous to Valentine’s Day, the rabbinic texts featured continued on to considerations of appropriate matches of men and women.
“I greatly appreciated the level of knowledge and intellect at the discussion last night,” said Alexa Levine, who attended.  “It helped me understand the relationship between

modern issues and ancient texts in a way that is relevant and applicable to my daily life.”
“Wednesday’s event was a thought-provoking, informative and delicious event, we learned many new things from the Talmud about matchmaking,” said Elliott Diaz, who further added, “and made matches with new kinds of beer.”
The next event as part of the series will tentatively be taking place in March in Riverside and discussing “From Where Does a Prohibition Against Non-Marital Sex Come?”.  For more information, please contact Rabbi Drew (Rabbi [at]


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