Beers and Birth Control


Discussion underway

On March 14, Rabbi Drew Kaplan led a discussion in Riverside on birth control in the Jewish tradition. Entitled “Beers & Birth Control”, the event was the second event in SoCal Jewish Young Adult Enrichment’s (SoCalJYAE) Spring 2013 “Sex and Relationships” series. Held at the house of Adina and Scott Talkov, Rabbi Drew utilized rabbinic texts as a foundation for an engaging discussion. Most people in attendance had known quite little about the topic from a Jewish angle.

“I enjoyed reading the primary texts to see how the Rabbis derived the conclusions they have come up with today,” said Adina Talkov, the hostess for the evening.  Her husband, Scott, also enjoyed Rabbi Drew coming out to Riverside to share some of the Jewish tradition with them: “In 30 years, I’ve never met a rabbi I could relate to like Rabbi Drew,” said Scott Talkov.


Attendees engrossed

The Spring 2013 “Sex and Relationships” series is the first such series provided for young adults in their 20s and 30s in Southern California by SoCalJYAE. The series of five text-based discussions with Rabbi Drew one event is taking place each month February-June in a different city, along with potluck beer, whereby participants are encouraged to share beer at the events. The first event in the series took place in Long Beach on finding one’s mate in Jewish tradition. The next one will be next month in Costa Mesa at the Moishe House of Orange County.


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