Discussing Talmudic Sexual Positions at Moishe House

IMG_1057Young adult Jews in Southern California recently came together in Orange County to engage in an exciting discussion of Jewish texts.  Taking place on April 8th at the Moishe House of Orange County, Rabbi Drew Kaplan of Southern California Jewish Young Adult Enrichment (SoCalJYAE), led a discussion on Sexual Positions According to the Rabbis of the Talmud.  Using entirely Talmudic excerpts, Rabbi Drew guided the assembled young Jews in their 20s and 30s to navigate the texts and to get a sense of what our heritage has to say about this interesting facet of human life.
“In the course of conversation with some young adults a few months ago, I realized there’s a great interest and hunger for discussion along these lines amongst young adults,” said Rabbi Drew.  “They had no idea that our tradition and the rabbis of the Talmud have some great wisdom to share about sex and sexual positions.”

In addition to the talk, this was the third event in the monthly “Jews, Brews, and Rabbi Drew” events of SoCalJYAE, in which participants bring beer to share.

“Between the variety of beers including some homebrews and the interesting facts I learned as we read over and commented on the handout, Rabbi Drew was able to bring together one awesome event,” said Jeremy Guzik.  “I’ll definitely be back for his next event.”IMG_1064

Some people especially enjoyed Rabbi Drew’s presence: “WHEN WILL RABBI DREW BE BACK! He’s like the Dr. Drew of Rabbis!” exclaimed Rohn Benaport.  “It was a great turnout and I can’t wait for the next event.”  Agreed Ben Eilenberg: “As always, Rabbi Drew was both educational and entertaining.”

“I enjoyed the event,” said Briana Booth.  “It was interesting having an open conversation about Sex and Judaism and learning new information I did not know about different aspects of sex related to the Talmud.”IMG_1056

“This was the right age group to have this sort of discussion because previous generations tend to be more shy or embarrassed to breach such topics and anyone younger than this group doesn’t have much experience in the area of this discussion,” said Autumn Minter.  “What made it fun was the different personalities that showed up. Not all of us are as forthcoming or as open as each other. It was a good discussion; I would attend another one.”

“I had a great time, met some really nice people, and sampled some great beers,” said Steve Faulkner.  “I’m looking forward to more events with Moshe House and to the next talk with Rabbi Drew.”

“It was easy to be engaged in the discussion without being embarrassed to ask a question or give their thought on a talking point,” said Eric Halvorsen.  “I also thought it was great to see that an Orthodox/traditional rabbi can discuss topics that may seem off limits in the sphere of traditional religion.”

Moishe House’s mission is to provide meaningful Jewish experiences for young adults around the world by supporting leaders in their 20′s as they create vibrant home-based Jewish communities. Southern California Jewish Young Adult Enrichment’s mission is to enrich the lives of young adults in Southern California through exposing young Jews to their Jewish heritage.

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