Brewery & Bible

Attendees at May's "Bible & Brewery" event

Attendees at May’s “Bible & Brewery” event

A programming model that is new to SoCalJYAE is “Brewery & Bible”, whereby participants meet up at an local brewery, have a flight of beers from there, and discuss Biblical sections with Rabbi Drew.   The first such event took place in May, and the second took place in August.

Here are some reflections from the events:

“It was a great location, a great brewery, and intriguing conversation,” said attendee Bryon Gillis, adding, “Tantalizing Torah.”

“I thought the event went well,” said attendee Kevin Meyer.  “I think this type of event has good potential because it gets people to try new restaurants/breweries and sparks good conversations/debates. I am excited to try new breweries next semester.”

“It is a story we all know, but one I personally haven’t read for quite some time,” said Lev Protas.  “Rabbi Drew facilitated an open and thought-provoking discussion of the written text. I realized that there were many elements about the text I never previously even considered. It was a great event and I’m looking forward to the next one.”


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