Texts & Tastings 5773


“Rums & Rituals” event in February 2013

To help support the efforts of SoCalJYAE’s rabbi, Rabbi Drew began holding bimonthly fundraising events. Tentatively entitled “Texts & Tastings”, the events feature a spirits-tasting and an in-depth exploration with Rabbi Drew of our Jewish tradition.

In the Jewish year of 5773, the four events that took place were: “Witches & Whiskies” in October 2012, “Torches & Tequilas” in December 2012, “Rum & Rituals” in February 2013, and Single-Malt Scotch Whiskies & a Discussion on Alcohol Consumption in Judaism in April 2013.


“Torches & Tequila” event in December 2012

The goals of the events are three-fold: 1) To educate Jews about alcoholic beverages (teaching Jews about booze), 2) to mine the depth of the tradition and expose adults to the richness of our heritage, and 3) to provide an opportunity to financially support Rabbi Drew’s efforts in Jewishly enriching the lives of young adults in the greater Orange County and Long Beach area.


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