Texts & Tastings 5774


“Vodkas & Vampires”

In the Jewish year of 5774, SoCalJYAE/SoCalJSS will be holding four “Texts & Tastings” events (just as last year), meant for achieving three objectives: 1) raising awareness about spirits amongst adult Jews; 2) providing the opportunity for adults to explore interesting Jewish topics they might not otherwise have the opportunity to do; and 3) giving an opportunity for people to learn more about SoCalJYAE/SoCalJSS and to encourage them to make financial contributions.

Sponsorships are available and would be much appreciated for these events.  (If you are interested in sponsoring one such event, please let Rabbi Drew know.)  The schedule for the year is as follows, with locations to be determined:

"Scotches & Separation"

“Scotches & Separation”

Sunday 20 October 2013: “Vodkas & Vampires”
An exploration of considering vampires as they relate to Jews and Judaism accompanied by a tasting of vodkas.

Sunday 12 January: “Scotches & Separation”
An exploration of separation and divorce in Judaism accompanied by a tasting of Scotch whiskies.

Sunday 9 February 2013: “Gin & Genocide”
An exploration of Jewish wisdom concerning genocide accompanied by a gin tasting.

Sunday 27 April 2013 – 7pm – “Bourbon & Boundaries”
An exploration of the boundaries concerning Jewish identity accompanied by a bourbon tasting.


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